Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I think Florida is starting to grow on me....

Hello everyone!  Had a bit of a rough weekend, but I'm now back on track!

Lots of exciting things going on; printed five editions at Alexander this weekend (posts of that when my professor gives them back!), cell cutouts for Miss Hood's film, a fish rub prototype for Type & Image, a surprise editorial illustration featuring Gandalf the Grey, a logo submission for Everglades Nation, and an assignment to be sent to Ralph Steadman tomorrow.  Phew!

So I've noticed that Florida has slowly been growing on my Northern heart.  I wrote a whole essay on it for my printmaking class, but I think I can sum it up by showing you some of my most recent artwork!

This first one is a label design I did for a fish rub I invented called "Soaring Mullet".  Mullets are not only a hairstyle, but also a fish (and many people who catch mullets also sport mullets themselves)!  They're big, goofy, fat fish that fling themselves out of the water without looking to see where they're going.  There is no known biological cause for this behavior, so I pretend that they just like it.  I admire their retardation.

Here's what it looks like on a container:

Next up is a logo I did today for Everglades Nation.  The winning logo designer recieves $15,000!

So I guess I've had Florida on my mind lately, and just in time too!  Spring break is coming up, and boy do I need it (even though I'll be spending a lot of it tweaking my portfolio, I'm heading to Tampa with some friends for a few days)!  Oh, and here's the cells and backgrounds I put together for Courtney, shown on my lovely floor (my apologies for the photo quality):

There's a third background too, but I forgot to take a picture -guess we'll just have to see it in the film :)
She's making a documentary following children with leukemia, letting them video tape their daily lives to show that they are still kids that play and have passions and love life.  The cutouts are for a section where she has the kids explain their type of cancers, using the cartoon cells to show how their cells are different from other people's cells in a way that other children can understand.  Pretty cool!

Well that's about it for now, like I always say, more work coming soon, keep checking back for more :)


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