Saturday, September 24, 2011

They Draw & Cook

So, there's this really neat website called They Draw & Cook where artists of all sorts can illustrate their favorite family recipes and share them with the world.

There's tons of awesome pieces and delicious instructions to look through, and you can even narrow your search by choosing categories based on a food you're interested in, or even an illustrator's style!

Here's one I made for my mom's Sausage & Spinach over Pasta recipe:

Be sure to check out the other artists' work as well :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Space 39 Modern Art Mondays

Happy Monday Funday Dudes and Girls!  Hope you all had a great weekend, gave at least a few minutes thought to 9/11, and watched a shitload of football and drank beer later that night.

Although today is also a Monday, last Monday I showed my art at Space 39 in Ft. Myers, Florida, along with work shown by sequential & comic artist Banky Farano (  This chick is awesome, do yourself a favor and check out her awesome caricatures, she's truly very talented).

Here's a phone snapshot from Justin V ForVendetta of one side of my table (backed up into the no-car plaza by my one-and-only white mini-van, with flashers and bass pumping of course :p):

The night was a hit; I sold some stuff, networked, got some commissions, and drinks were on the house (loud shout out to the Space 39 staff and bartenders for hooking me up and letting move the whole place around!).