Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pre-Weekend Updates

Hey guys!  Hope you're all ouside enjoying the gorgeous day!  If you're not and you're reading this, here's some updates to make your indoor-experience a little bit better :)

I'll start off with my most recent printmaking project.  We're doing lithography, a process that has to do with how oil and water don't mix.  Each color is going to be printed on a separate pronto plate, and built up to form the final image.  Here's what the digital file looks like before the printmaking process:

After I print each color layer onto my prontos, I'll prep each plate through a special inking process and then run them through the press.  I'm doing the text and sea animal heads on separate layers too, so the final print will have super crisp lines in those areas, and nice fuzzy colors built up on one another for the people and the background, looking sweeter than the digital file!

Here's where I'm at for the rhino poster project.  Just need to choose a background color, add text, and add in some more lights and darks.  This is what my process looks like (without all my thumbnails and misc. build up sketches):

Inked up sketch

Some color comps

And another option, I think I like the mix in of traditional best.  Still more to add in of course!

Anndd my Save the Tigers Submission:

So lots of animals this week.  And naytcha -i recently finished making some backgrounds for a friend's animation short. I'm also designing a Munny and a fish rub package design this weekend.  Sounds like a lot, but all's running smoothly and I'll be posting more pics up soon.

Have a good weekend :) 

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