Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here's my book cover spread for Lord of the Flies (awesome novel, you should read it if you missed out in English class in high school).  Pencil, digital , watercolor, and ink -an enjoyable process!

And here's the front cover flying solo (get it? FLY-ing!):

My next project is a poster to raise awareness on Black Rhino poaching.  A really good documentary to watch is Milking the Rhino (more info at http://www.milkingtherhino.org/ ).  The full version is available on Netflix Insta-view.  The film focuses on persuading local South African communities that conservation of wildlife can be more profitable than poaching.  I wrote a whole essay on it just for funsies, because I write essays for fun I guess, maybe I'll post it -I learned a lot I wasn't aware of just from watching the movie.

Anyways, it's time for some lunch, then class, then more Alexander for print editioning -woohoo!  I'll put those up soon.


EDIT: Finished early at Alexander!  Final prints are still drawing, but here's a copy of my test print:
A little dark, but I can assure you my editions are beautifully wiped :p

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