Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Sketches

Hey yous guys!  (I was tempted so say "ya'll" because it would have been way easier to type, but no matter how far South I get I will never be able to bring myself to say it.

Now that that's out of they way, I can show you some quick sketches from various city trips.

Here's some guys at Laguardia sitting through plane delays.

My favorite prehistoric mammals (Brontotheres!) at the Museum of Natural History.

These people were not having fun in Times Square, and they were going to make sure the whole world knew about it.

The three sketches above were done in black china marker, my new favorite sketching tool.  It's easy to use (both strong black lines and light shading are possible!), doesn't make that much of a mess (unless you darg your hand around like I do), and it self-sharpens!  What else could you want?

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  1. Wonderful sketches, Arielle! Haha, fun crushers . . .