Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick little post-it

Hey guys!  Here's the latest scoop.  Been doing lots of fun things in printmaking (images coming soon to a computer by you!), including working with esteemed Print Master Tanja Softic.  Her work is (to say the least) kind of awesome, and she has a beautiful way of working in layers with shapes and color.  A lot of her work has imagery of plants, star constellations, black holes, and Nicola Tesla -sounds like my kind of thing!

Today we helped her proof giant prints, and we got to be her little apprentices and hand press ink into areas of her plates.  Now all our fingerprints are in her prints. Pretty frickin' cool!

Speaking of famous people, did I mention that I'm skype-ing with Ralph Steadman on Friday?  WHAT? I DIDN'T? Oh, well then let me tell you about it.  Ralph Steadman is pretty much my favorite illustrator ever, and SIC's arranged a little skype date with a group of us SCAD artists and the Man.  He's going to give us assignment to do, we go do it, and then we get to skype with him a second time for him to critique our work.  I could pee my pants with excitement.  

Here's his site: 

And here's what I got lined up next for portfolio, a magazine article that I found in the New York Times that has to do with technology gettin' a little crazy.  The article was basically about how computer cameras are going to be used in penitentiaries to stop prison fights before they even happen by using face-recognition software that can monitor people's heart rates just by looking at their faces.  Oh, and in hospitals too to monitor patients.  And movie theaters.  And schools and playgrounds.  Very interesting article, read here for a good bit of information:

I could go on forever talking about the article and it's pro's and con's, but here's the image my class suggested I come up with:

So there's that.  And I hope you all watched Castle on Monday :p

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