Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to School!

Back to school, back to blogging!  Hope everyone had a great break, ate lots of good food, and is ready to bring in a new year of amazing art and good times!

I haven't posted in a while because I spent most of break working instead of creating.  I'm not complaining though, it's nice to make money, but now I definitely know that I want to spend my future making money by doing something I love, and have a big appreciation for having the chance to do so.

On my lunch breaks and nights where the store got slow, I was able to get a little sketching in.


Here's the first page of my brand new moleskin (I love the feeling of a new sketchbook!).  First I had drawn a naive seagull wing with a pen, but after a few days I decided that I didn't like it anymore, so I took some ink and dumped it on top.  Much better.  Kind of.  After a few days of avoiding the ink spot, I thought a bone would look nice on top of it, like a femur.  Yeahh, a femur!  Google showed me lots of pictures, but none of its femoral imagery really grabbed me.  So then I typed in "bison femur", and bingo!  A short, stout leg bone that would be able to fit in the confinements of my note book.   Done!

Another night at work I *gasp* snuck my little sketchbook onto the sales floor.  No one was interested in buying perfume at a quarter to midnight, so I drew little cartoons of my sales items instead:

I'm partial to the J'adore Dior bottle.

I'm excited to be back in Savannah, and ready to bang out some killer pieces.  This quarter I'm taking three studios; Portfolio, Printmaking, and Type & Image for Illustrators.  Lots of work, but I have a feeling a lot of great stuff will come out of that combination of classes.

Keep checking back for more art, because there'll be plenty coming your way!

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