Monday, October 18, 2010

AKAT Illustrations on Blogspot!

Hey everyone!  I'm here back on Blogspot as AKAT/ Arielle Katarina Illustrations.  I've been up to a lot this quarter, but thought I'd give you an update on some pieces I've been working on lately.  These pieces were all for school or SIC.  In September I also worked on painting a bus, pictures will be up soon :)

In the meantime, here's my ad for the American Museum of Natural History/ National Geographic Company.  I had fun drawing dinosaurs again! 

This next one looks even better in person!  The border along the edges has all sorts of nice ink details.  The rest is mostly watercolors, acrylic, and color pencils.  I might add some of the fog elements going on in the foreground to the figure in the background.  Maybe some snorting smog coming from the horse.  We'll see :)

A little painting for the Urban Legends SIC show.  An alligator snapping turtle who lingers in lakes waiting to bite off young men's penises.  Only penises weren't quite appropraite for children who go to the gallery.  So I put in a foot instead.  More to come on this one soon! 

One of four sides of a tissue box I did for my Advertising Illustration class.  I like this side of the box the best!  The assigned theme was tissues for issues (rather than issues for tissues).

I might go back in and put some more ink detailing on this one, but here's an early assignment for my Editorial Illustration class.  This article dealt with insomnia:

So there's just a little taste for now!  I'll keep you guys updated, and will post more projects and personal work as I keep creating!


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