Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sending Easter Eggs to loved ones and my Namesake to Mars

Lots of stuff going on this week; exams, mailers, visits, concerts, interviews, posters, sketches, deadlines, deadlines!  You know, the usual.  Oh, and Easter.  But not to worry, some deep breathes, pencils, and ink will allow everything to fall into place :) 

So while procrastinating, I made some Easter cards to send off to my family.

Haha ignore that ridiculous selection tool business around the edges, just wanted to give you an idea of how they look without my painty desk getting in the way :p

As another means of avoiding work, I shipped the name Arielle Katarina off  to Mars!  You can do the same with your name here, for a microchip that'll be sent on a rover to the red planet later on this year:   Found it via Twitter, pretty cool NASA, getting involved with social media.

Also, I got a chance to skype with illustrator Sterling Hundley today in class, via Doug Chayka.  He had a lot of positive things to say about becoming a freelance illustrator, but without any of the bullshit.  We all know it's tough at first, but everyone goes through it.  All the steps he advised to take seemed totally do-able, and made me feel much more confident in myself.  Besides life advice, he also does incredible work.  Check out his art here

Well that's all I got for ya today, time to get back to work.  Happy April 20th.

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