Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finals Update

Chug a chug a woo-woooo! Truckin though finals, very busy.  Shut myself in my room this weekend to paint and write scripts, all coming along good so far. Ain't no rest for the wicked!

Here's what my paintings for my editorial class look like so far!  I'm doing four bars in downtown Savannah; Hangfire, the Rail, the Jinx, and Venus.  I was going to make them brighter and put in the different crowds that commune around each one, but my professor liked the paintings without them.  It shows how seedy the bars are without their followers, and lets the buildings' personalities come through on their own.  Works for me!

Next up is an in-class assignment where we had to make a promo poster for a band called the Turkey Callers.  The band got to pick which poster they wanted to use, and the winner got some money.  They picked mine and another girl's, and both will be printed and put out soon!  Here's a version without filler text.  I originally had the band playing at the Jinx, but now they're performing at the Mercury Lounge, so they're going to take care of the bar logo, information, times and all that.  If you look closely, you can see tattoos on the turkeys!

I'm also working on a mouse-pad for my advertising class.  I have a few process photos I was going to put up, but I completely changed my concept, and the final is going to look nothing like the process work.  When I'm all finished I'll put up a sequence of them so you can see how often artists can change their minds :) 
Now it's time to go back to work!


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